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Animal Diseases of Digestive System


Defination :
This loss of appetite or diminished appetite. It is not a disease but a first indication of any disease. It is common in cattle

Causes :
Mouth and throat diseases, choking, dyspepsia, mineral deficiency, parasites, bacteria, virus, gastritis, enteritis. Fever, over eating etc.

Symptom :
Salivation or foam due to cut to cut or wound or choke in mouth, Fever due to bacterial or virus diseases, parasitic diseases without fever can be diagnosed from urine and faeces. The animal begins to slow eating in stomach disturbance as dyspepsia, gastritis, enteritis, enteritis, pericarditis etc. They become gradually weak.


This is a condition of distension o frumen with solid food tightly packed with little or no fermentation.

It is due to atonic condition of the muscles of the rumen, defective secretion of glands, eating large quantity of food, greedy feeding, narrowing of the outlet a the pylorus, mechanical obstruction like hair balls, feeding of unsuitable food, land insuffinciency of water.

It may occur suddenly or gradually. The animal appears very dull, of feed, suspension of rumination, constipation or diarrhoea, respiration slow, pulse large and sluggish, grinding of teeth, pain in severe case case causing restlessness, dry muzzle with nasal discharge, abdomen distended on left side and on purcusion it does not produce drum like sound but pit on pressure. In severe case, coma may set in, the animal lies down with its head turned on one side and supported on chest wall.


It is a condition of distension of rumen with gases resulting excessive fermentation of carbon dioxide, methane etc. It occurs in cattle, sheep, goats and camel.

Causes: :

  • Food rich in carbohydrate e.g. cabbage, potato, etc.
  • Succulent green grasses e.g. Lucerne etc.
  • Damaged fermentable food e.g. mouldly food.
  • Defective muscular condition of rumen interfering with the churning of food causing stasis and fermentation.
  • Choking or obstruction at the junction of oesophagus and rumen with a turnip or a tumour or an abscess etc. causing arrest of natural escape of gas from oesophagus.
  • Presence of foreign bodies e.g. hair balls etc.
  • Sudden change of diet.
  • Constant lying on one side.

Rumination suspended, frequent looking at sides, padling of hind limbs, kicking at abdomen, distance of abdomen on left side, abdominal pain and distress, opened mouth, nostril dialated, neck extended, difficult respiration due to pressure of rumen on diaphragm, left flank distended, tense and on percrussion it give drum like sound, frequent passes of urine and faeces due to pressure on bladder and rectum.fsdfsdf