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Introduction :-
In the hisrtorical city of Chittorgarh a new approach towards Homoeopathy n Veterinary as India's first & foremost concern.

Goel (Vet.) Pharma

Introduction :-
Since 1977 as Pioneer of Homoeopathy in Veterinary

Sales & Marketing :-
Marketing professionals are doing hard work in a chain of M.M., Z.S.M. ,R.S.M & A.S.M., V.S.O., V.S.R., In ultra guidance of management.

Sales Network :-
Concern has it’s own sales network in ten state of India. More then 10,000 Veterinarians has used the products in more then 10 lack animals to treat different diseases.

Humble Submission :-
Animal health is more commercial then sentimental, hence its approach differ from human health, Economics is the key play of animal treatment, that is the reason for lot of animals are always available for slaughter because they were deprived of treatment due to owner’s poor income.

Products Speciality :-

  1. 1. More economical.
  2. 2. No side effects.
  3. 3. No resistant factor.
  4. 4. Remain Unaffected by mutation problem of virus or bacteria.
It is a need of the time and animal health to accept Homoeopathy for the cure of animal diseases, for a doctor cure is more important then the system itself hence, we have decided to introduce Homoeopathic Veterinary Medicines.